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Project Innovation

The transcription form used on this website was developed for the Digital Humanities Initiative at Hamilton College by Common Media, Inc. It was designed to work seamlessly with our Islandora repository infrastructure, which is build on Drupal 7.x and Fedora 3.8.1.

The Islandora Webform Module is so tightly integrated with Islandora that transcriptions can quickly and smoothly enter the workflow from transcription, to review, to approval, to storage, to indexing, to access, and to preservation. We could have, of course, opted to use one of the full-featured standalone transcription tools.† but we wanted to avoid creating the transcriptions in one program and then to migrate them to our repository.

We want to thank Hamilton College and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for funding that made the development of this tool possible.

† For example, DIY History, From The Page, Transcribe Bentham, Scripto, T-Pen and potentially Mirador.

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