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41 apw:12349845 Hell hole Zab Real 4 pages e_101_464 2018-03-15
42 apw:12349850 Stuck out queer at Michael Unit Oguntodu, Joseph 6 pages e_101_465 2018-03-15
43 apw:12349857 Critiquing Barack Obama: An alternative Obamacare solution Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr. 10 pages e_101_466 2018-03-15
44 apw:12349868 My essay Brull, Mark David 15 pages e_101_467 2018-03-15
45 apw:12350187 Thank you for giving me the opportunity... Noble, Ricardo 7 pages e_100_309 2018-03-16
46 apw:12350195 Economics of mass incarceration Ripley, Antonio L. 14 pages e_100_591 2018-03-16
47 apw:12350210 The American Prison Writing Archive is Padilla, Peter 23 pages e_100_819 2018-03-16
48 apw:12350234 Directed towards the Medical, Programing and Parole Board Kamrowski, Kenneth R. 4 pages e_100_933 2018-03-16
49 apw:12350241 Violence: Gangs and the hustle game Curtis, Denton Brantley 13 pages e_101_044 2018-03-16
50 apw:12350255 Repeat offendors Curtis, Denton Brantley 12 pages e_101_045 2018-03-16
51 apw:12350268 Psychological affairs within the prison system Curtis, Denton Brantley 12 pages e_101_046 2018-03-16
52 apw:12350281 Recently I read something in a newspaper Noyce, David A. 12 pages e_101_050 2018-03-16
53 apw:12350297 Texas department of criminal justice mission statement Adkins, Bernie 3 pages e_101_054 2018-03-16
54 apw:12350305 In every developed and even most semi-developed countries there exists a formal... Theus-Roberts, E.C. 4 pages e_101_057 2018-03-16
55 apw:12350310 The stress of limitations on rehabilitation Avila, Cesar Alfonso 4 pages e_101_058 2018-03-16
56 apw:12350315 I am despised in our communities Apodaca, Victor Andrew, Sr. 16 pages e_101_069 2018-03-16
57 apw:12350337 Prison double binded [?] minorities and racial inequality Apodaca, Victor Andrew, Sr. 12 pages e_101_072 2018-03-16
58 apw:12350353 Out of the millions of inmates Mendoza, Patrick 4 pages e_101_090 2018-03-16
59 apw:12350368 Prevailing theories of prison riots: The state-centered theory of social order Apodaca, Victor Andrew, Sr. 10 pages e_101_093 2018-03-16
60 apw:12350379 Is prison reform a fargone solution? Morales, Efrain, Jr. 3 pages e_101_102 2018-03-16