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1 apw:12350297 Texas department of criminal justice mission statement Adkins, Bernie 3 pages e_101_054 2018-03-16
2 apw:12349807 Sources of stress in prisons Agrawal, Shree 13 pages e_101_413 2018-03-15
3 apw:12350782 I am a pretrial detainee Akmountains 3 pages e_101_381 2018-03-16
4 apw:12352456 It has been six months Akmountains 3 pages e_101_683 2018-06-15
5 apw:12351131 Incapacitation is the goal Anthony, Jacob 14 pages e_101_512 2018-03-16
6 apw:12350368 Prevailing theories of prison riots: The state-centered theory of social order Apodaca, Victor Andrew, Sr. 10 pages e_101_093 2018-03-16
7 apw:12350337 Prison double binded [?] minorities and racial inequality Apodaca, Victor Andrew, Sr. 12 pages e_101_072 2018-03-16
8 apw:12350315 I am despised in our communities Apodaca, Victor Andrew, Sr. 16 pages e_101_069 2018-03-16
9 apw:12349627 Hello, a little about me! Ardit 4 pages e_101_251 2018-03-15
10 apw:12350624 The descent Auletta, John P. 15 pages e_101_347 2018-03-16
11 apw:12350408 My name is Mr. Patrick Austin Austin, Patrick Parish 4 pages e_101_119 2018-03-16
12 apw:12350310 The stress of limitations on rehabilitation Avila, Cesar Alfonso 4 pages e_101_058 2018-03-16
13 apw:12352388 I'm a 32-year-old California prisoner serving a 137-years-to-life sentence Ayala, Angel 10 pages e_101_645 2018-06-15
14 apw:12350983 Incarcerated MOOCS: Modernizing the prison educational model Baker, T. Lamont 22 pages e_101_116 2018-03-16
15 apw:12352332 Journal entry Barnes, Arnold, III 4 pages e_101_632 2018-06-15
16 apw:12351127 Nosey people Bell, Shane 3 pages e_101_511 2018-03-16
17 apw:12350440 Essay on poor food served at the South Dakota State Penitentiary and its effects Bell, Shane 4 pages e_101_155 2018-03-16
18 apw:12350702 No more buddhist group services Bell, Shane 3 pages e_101_367 2018-03-16
19 apw:12350611 This is the story of how I both helped and failed a friend Bellamy, Brian Timothy 4 pages e_101_309 2018-03-16
20 apw:12350809 Human nature Big Tres 11 pages e_101_384 2018-03-16