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1 apw:12347273 Reducing your stress Aguirre, Victor Adrian 4 pages TX-AguirreVictor-003 2017-08-16
2 apw:12342790 Mentacide: the psychological and physical murder of black men, women and... Amen, Asar Imhotep, Ph.D. 9 pages CA-AmenPhDAsarImhotep-011 2016-10-15
3 apw:12347221 Prison can make a person change for the better Arroyo, Bryant 1 page PA-ArroyoBryant-001 2017-08-16
4 apw:12347714 The greatest public threat Bear, Bobby 4 pages e_100_024 2017-11-02
5 apw:12347724 Corruption at N.E.C.C. Bear, Bobby 4 pages e_100_026 2017-11-02
6 apw:12343514 In 2016 race, former felons votes also matter Bey, William Smith 5 pages NC-BeyWilliamSmith-001 2016-10-18
7 apw:12342754 CDCЯ? (part 1) Blacher, Marlon 9 pages CA-BlacherMarlon-002 2016-10-14
8 apw:12347122 I Lawrence R. Burfitt rewrite you all Black Cloud 2 pages OH-BlackCloud-002 2017-08-16
9 apw:12347924 On June 30th, 2016 on a hot and humid night Bowman, Randy 7 pages e_100_846 2017-11-02
10 apw:12343396 Harsh reality Brooks, Charles Sr. 8 pages MI-BrooksCharles-001 2016-10-17
11 apw:12342608 Cell block society post release master plan wellness management personal... Brookshire, Levert III (Sékou) 9 pages AZ-BrookshireIIILevert-019 2016-10-14
12 apw:12342628 Cell block society post-release master plan: protecting life first 18 months re... Brookshire, Levert III (Sékou) 26 pages AZ-BrookshireIIILevert-021 2016-10-14
13 apw:12342655 Cell block society post-release master plan: 2nd calendar year post release -... Brookshire, Levert III (Sékou) 25 pages AZ-BrookshireIIILevert-022 2016-10-14
14 apw:12342490 Cell block society if the walls could talk Brookshire, Levert III (Sékou) 24 pages AZ-BrookshireIIILevert-012 2016-10-14
15 apw:12342586 Cell block society post-release master plan (self-motivation tools) Brookshire, Levert III (Sékou) 9 pages AZ-BrookshireIIILevert-017 2016-10-14
16 apw:12342461 Cell block society social sciences celldweller philosophy pt I Brookshire, Levert III (Sékou) 28 pages AZ-BrookshireIIILevert-011 2016-10-14
17 apw:255 Celldweller journal: Fractured mirror of society pt. 5 - entry 14 Brookshire, Levert III (Sékou) 1 page AZ-BrookshireLevert-apwa_prison-ess050 2015-09-16
18 apw:12346439 Cell block society post release master plan reincarnation first 30 months post-... Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou) 19 pages AZ-BrookshireLevert-023 2017-08-15
19 apw:12346459 Cell block society post release master plan protecting legacy 3rd calendar year... Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou) 23 pages AZ-BrookshireLevert-024 2017-08-15
20 apw:12346483 Cell block survival - occult decoded Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou) 15 pages AZ-BrookshireLevert-025 2017-08-15