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81 apw:12349579 Prison is a place Limbocker, Darrell 4 pages e_101_500 2018-03-15
82 apw:12349845 Hell hole Zab Real 4 pages e_101_464 2018-03-15
83 apw:12352434 The so-called American dream Harrison, Dominic 4 pages e_101_673 2018-06-15
84 apw:12352120 Brief biography and other information The Devil's Advocate 4 pages e_100_718 2018-06-15
85 apw:12349706 Essay on how Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) staff are placing... Hempstead, Harold 4 pages e_101_435 2018-03-15
86 apw:12352340 The incubus of a lifer Djamena, N. 4 pages e_101_637 2018-06-15
87 apw:12350706 The rain that didn't stop falling Clerk, Cedric 4 pages e_101_368 2018-03-16
88 apw:12352068 Distracted governing Williams, Ivory, Jr. 4 pages e_101_563 2018-06-15
89 apw:12349787 Essay on the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) pattern and practice of... Hempstead, Harold 4 pages e_101_405 2018-03-15
90 apw:12351038 The focus of this essay concerns the devaluation of human life Pinson, Jeremy 4 pages e_101_281 2018-03-16
91 apw:12350847 Washington state bar association glaring deficiencies Rupert, Bob G. 4 pages e_101_391 2018-03-16
92 apw:12352332 Journal entry Barnes, Arnold, III 4 pages e_101_632 2018-06-15
93 apw:12350873 Juvenile emancipaton Martinez, Brandon 4 pages e_101_418 2018-03-16
94 apw:12350668 My journey of getting in trouble Welsh, Donald Lee, Jr. 4 pages e_101_352 2018-03-16
95 apw:12350408 My name is Mr. Patrick Austin Austin, Patrick Parish 4 pages e_101_119 2018-03-16
96 apw:12352115 The life of a Texas prisoner Cox, Don 4 pages e_101_581 2018-06-15
97 apw:12349608 Offender work program discrimination Gardner, Jeffery Jason 4 pages e_101_236 2018-03-15
98 apw:12349782 Essay on Bledsoe County correctional complex (BCCX) in the Tennesse Department... Hempstead, Harold 4 pages e_101_404 2018-03-15
99 apw:12352294 Queer man down Oguntodu, Joseph 4 pages e_101_619 2018-06-15
100 apw:12350440 Essay on poor food served at the South Dakota State Penitentiary and its effects Bell, Shane 4 pages e_101_155 2018-03-16