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101 apw:12352063 Waiting room 16 Williams, Ivory, Jr. 4 pages e_101_562 2018-06-15
102 apw:12350353 Out of the millions of inmates Mendoza, Patrick 4 pages e_101_090 2018-03-16
103 apw:12352403 My name is Eli Munson Munson, Eli F. 4 pages e_101_652 2018-06-15
104 apw:12350234 Directed towards the Medical, Programing and Parole Board Kamrowski, Kenneth R. 4 pages e_100_933 2018-03-16
105 apw:12349627 Hello, a little about me! Ardit 4 pages e_101_251 2018-03-15
106 apw:12352413 Criming wave Richter, Robert 4 pages e_101_661 2018-06-15
107 apw:12350310 The stress of limitations on rehabilitation Avila, Cesar Alfonso 4 pages e_101_058 2018-03-16
108 apw:12350305 In every developed and even most semi-developed countries there exists a formal... Theus-Roberts, E.C. 4 pages e_101_057 2018-03-16
109 apw:12350611 This is the story of how I both helped and failed a friend Bellamy, Brian Timothy 4 pages e_101_309 2018-03-16
110 apw:12352051 Brief biography and other information The Devil's Advocate 4 pages e_100_718 2018-06-15
111 apw:12350573 Profiteering from crime and prisons Gardner, Jeffery Jason 4 pages e_101_234 2018-03-16
112 apw:12349821 Essay on the FDC inmate risk management system/sexual risk indicator Hempstead, Harold 4 pages e_101_414 2018-03-15
113 apw:12350679 My only problem is that as we speak I am lying under a toilet Mister Yemen 4 pages e_101_354 2018-03-16
114 apw:12350654 In prison Medici, Lawrence Peter 4 pages e_101_349 2018-03-16
115 apw:12349746 Hope: More important than food, water & air Clardy, MarQui, Sr. 4 pages e_101_450 2018-03-15
116 apw:12351738 SOS Lemon, A.J. 5 pages e_101_457 2018-03-16
117 apw:12350616 The modern Galileo Richter, Robert 5 pages e_101_343 2018-03-16
118 apw:12351169 Egyptian days for one gallimaufry enterprise Magnitic, Roc 5 pages e_101_525 2018-03-16
119 apw:12352496 Oh, the people you will meet Grote, Danny Russell 5 pages e_101_700 2018-06-15
120 apw:12351084 Fight for justice, illegal harsh and excessive sentance and fatally defective... Prince 5 pages e_101_452 2018-03-16