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41 apw:12349746 Hope: More important than food, water & air Clardy, MarQui, Sr. 4 pages e_101_450 2018-03-15
42 apw:12349688 How prison's environment is/is not fit to be both a place for punishment... Bowman, Loy, IV 3 pages e_101_430 2018-03-15
43 apw:12350809 Human nature Big Tres 11 pages e_101_384 2018-03-16
44 apw:12350483 I am a Vietnam era military vet Rogers, James Eldon 7 pages e_101_173 2018-03-16
45 apw:12350782 I am a pretrial detainee Akmountains 3 pages e_101_381 2018-03-16
46 apw:12349569 I am a slavery abolitionist Swift Justice 8 pages e_101_480 2018-03-15
47 apw:12352098 I am currently a North Carolina state prisoner Green, Robbie Switzer 13 pages e_101_579 2018-06-15
48 apw:12350315 I am despised in our communities Apodaca, Victor Andrew, Sr. 16 pages e_101_069 2018-03-16
49 apw:12349616 I can speak on so much Borden, Chavelo 3 pages e_101_247 2018-03-15
50 apw:12352449 I have been in prison for over two decades Magic, Joshua 3 pages e_101_680 2018-06-15
51 apw:12351110 I often wonder how differently Ingram, Shariff 8 pages e_101_510 2018-03-16
52 apw:12350837 I received your letter on 8/8/17 Clerk, Cedric 2 pages e_101_388 2018-03-16
53 apw:12350498 I wrote to you all while I was in Corcoran Carabajal, Ray Morin Fuentes 2 pages e_101_199 2018-03-16
54 apw:12352388 I'm a 32-year-old California prisoner serving a 137-years-to-life sentence Ayala, Angel 10 pages e_101_645 2018-06-15
55 apw:12349716 I'm a forty-four year old prisoner Brandon, Danny 9 pages e_101_440 2018-03-15
56 apw:12346741 I'm locked in this cage for defending Hughes, Chris 6 pages NC-HughesChris-004 2017-08-15
57 apw:12350456 I've written in past Santos, Angel 20 pages e_101_166 2018-03-16
58 apw:12350413 In May, 2001 I sufferd a nervous breakdowne Bossé, John Russel 6 pages e_101_122 2018-03-16
59 apw:12350305 In every developed and even most semi-developed countries there exists a formal... Theus-Roberts, E.C. 4 pages e_101_057 2018-03-16
60 apw:12350294 In memory of an inmate Nolaw97 2 pages e_101_052 2018-03-16