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No. PID Title Author Length IDs Ingested
61 apw:12342854 Incline your ear and hear the words Harrison, James 4 pages CA-HarrisonJames-001 2016-10-17
62 apw:12347214 Initial letter the American Prison Writing Archives Bartling, Teddy 6 pages OK-BartlingTeddy-001 2017-08-16
63 apw:12343912 Institutionalized Africa, James 3 pages TN-AfricaJames-001 2016-10-19
64 apw:12346821 Introduction into the mission of National Intelligence for African American... Worley, Willie, Jr. 9 pages NC-WorleyWillie-016 2017-08-15
65 apw:12342882 Is it wrong to lock a kid up Martinez, Brandon 6 pages CA-MartinezBrandon-003 2016-10-17
66 apw:12346780 Is there more to North Carolina prison spokesperson story Worley, Willie, Jr. 3 pages NC-WorleyWillie-008 2017-08-15
67 apw:12343850 It's what you make of it and reflects your values... Demagogue 4 pages PA-Demagogue-001 2016-10-19
68 apw:12341529 Karma "The Poison Has to Run Its Course" Purkey, Wesley I. 2 pages apwa_2015-02-27_02 2015-09-29
69 apw:12346688 Labeling theory Vance, John 6 pages IN-VanceJohn-001 2017-08-15
70 apw:12344058 Let brotherly love continue Terry, James 8 pages WI-TerryJames-001 2016-10-19
71 apw:12343541 Let's clear the air Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist) 6 pages NC-WorleyJrWillieIntel-038 2016-10-18
72 apw:12343805 Little buddy LaValle, Stephen 5 pages NY-LaValleStephen-002 2016-10-19
73 apw:12343752 Living with David Berkowitz in New York State Correctional Facility Brown, Melvin 4 pages NY-BrownMelvin-001 2016-10-19
74 apw:12346803 Making a difference Worley, Willie, Jr. 3 pages NC-WorleyWillie-012 2017-08-15
75 apw:277 Mass producing mentally ill citizens in America's prisons Smith, Andrew Jackson 8 pages AL-SmithAndrew-SMI-2013-03-01-008 2015-09-16
76 apw:12343875 Memorandum of law in support of plaintiff's motion for a temporary... Garner, Curtis 1 page PA-GarnerCurtis-007 2016-10-19
77 apw:12342790 Mentacide: the psychological and physical murder of black men, women and... Amen, Asar Imhotep, Ph.D. 9 pages CA-AmenPhDAsarImhotep-011 2016-10-15
78 apw:12342243 Missouri public pretender, a.k.a. Missouri public defender Johnson, Justin 7 pages MO-JohnsonJustin-001 2016-06-19
79 apw:12343645 My destiny, my dream. Owens, Dexter 4 pages NV-OwensDexter-002 2016-10-18
80 apw:12346611 My name is Collins and I am currently Verstegen, Collins 6 pages CT-VerstegenCollins-001 2017-08-15