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Age at Conviction or Start of Employment

Age Author Essay Title
14 Cooper, Gary For members of the mobile society to possess any care or concern…
16 Jones, Arlando Freedom through space and suffering
17 Di Lenola, Jose Lauriano Years in between
17 Gomez, Billie Dear American justice
17 Gordon, Dwight, Jr. The things that I'm going to. . .
17 Khaldun, Khalfani Malik Inside the walls of an Indiana state prison
17 Khaldun, Khalfani Malik Political prisoner Khalfani Malik Khaldun puts the Indiana Department of Corrections and its system on trial
17 Pinson, Jeremy Life in solitary confinement
18 Abdullah, Omar The black robe
18 Balmer, Christopher Bill HB-2386
18 Balmer, Christopher Never-ending fight
18 Balmer, Christopher Department of Corrections? -Or- Department of Control?
18 Balmer, Christopher Ignorance as a social progress downfall
18 Martinez, Brandon It's been 15 years
18 Martinez, Brandon Anger is
18 Martinez, Brandon 16 years since inception.
18 Martinez, Brandon Is it wrong
19 Erskine, Justin The hole experience
19 Hendrix, Troy When it rains, it pours
19 Hendrix, Troy Your imagination, my reality