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1 apw:12341340 Political prisoner Khalfani Malik Khaldun puts the Indiana Department of... Khaldun, Khalfani Malik 5 pages apwa_2015-03-09_03 2015-09-27
2 apw:12341532 The government's sanitized murders continue despite the moral... Purkey, Wesley I. 6 pages apwa_2015-02-27_03 2015-09-29
3 apw:12342243 Missouri public pretender, a.k.a. Missouri public defender Johnson, Justin 7 pages MO-JohnsonJustin-001 2016-06-19
4 apw:12342260 Seven principles of criminal law: a.p.v.i.u.j.e. ( Strawder, Thomas Duane 13 pages NE-HallJames-001 2016-06-19
5 apw:12342303 The things that I'm going to. . . Gordon, Dwight, Jr. 8 pages TN-GordonDwight-001 2016-06-19
6 apw:12342441 The straight fire Magnitic, Roc 8 pages AR-MagniticRoc-002 2016-10-14
7 apw:12342450 On prison health care Magnitic, Roc 5 pages AR-MagniticRoc-003 2016-10-14
8 apw:12342461 Cell block society social sciences celldweller philosophy pt I Brookshire, Levert III (Sékou) 28 pages AZ-BrookshireIIILevert-011 2016-10-14
9 apw:12342490 Cell block society if the walls could talk Brookshire, Levert III (Sékou) 24 pages AZ-BrookshireIIILevert-012 2016-10-14
10 apw:12342586 Cell block society post-release master plan (self-motivation tools) Brookshire, Levert III (Sékou) 9 pages AZ-BrookshireIIILevert-017 2016-10-14
11 apw:12342608 Cell block society post release master plan wellness management personal... Brookshire, Levert III (Sékou) 9 pages AZ-BrookshireIIILevert-019 2016-10-14
12 apw:12342628 Cell block society post-release master plan: protecting life first 18 months re... Brookshire, Levert III (Sékou) 26 pages AZ-BrookshireIIILevert-021 2016-10-14
13 apw:12342655 Cell block society post-release master plan: 2nd calendar year post release -... Brookshire, Levert III (Sékou) 25 pages AZ-BrookshireIIILevert-022 2016-10-14
14 apw:12342694 The total cost of providing Kemp-Horton 2 pages AZ-KempHorton-001 2016-10-14
15 apw:12342697 Free internet access for all humans Kemp-Horton 2 pages AZ-KempHorton-002 2016-10-14
16 apw:12342754 CDCЯ? (part 1) Blacher, Marlon 9 pages CA-BlacherMarlon-002 2016-10-14
17 apw:12342790 Mentacide: the psychological and physical murder of black men, women and... Amen, Asar Imhotep, Ph.D. 9 pages CA-AmenPhDAsarImhotep-011 2016-10-15
18 apw:12342813 The culture of the cheats Convict, John Q. 7 pages CA-ConvictJohnQ-002 2016-10-15
19 apw:12342821 On the way out Diaz, Alex 4 pages CA-DiazAlex-001 2016-10-15
20 apw:12342848 The state of California allots Glaros, M.A. 5 pages CA-GlarosMichael-001 2016-10-17