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21 apw:12349782 Essay on Bledsoe County correctional complex (BCCX) in the Tennesse Department... Hempstead, Harold 4 pages e_101_404 2018-03-15
22 apw:12349706 Essay on how Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) staff are placing... Hempstead, Harold 4 pages e_101_435 2018-03-15
23 apw:12350440 Essay on poor food served at the South Dakota State Penitentiary and its effects Bell, Shane 4 pages e_101_155 2018-03-16
24 apw:12349821 Essay on the FDC inmate risk management system/sexual risk indicator Hempstead, Harold 4 pages e_101_414 2018-03-15
25 apw:12350828 Essay providing information on how to research the unconstitutional conditions... Hempstead, Harold 3 pages e_101_386 2018-03-16
26 apw:12354095 Federal prison is a true hell-hole King Wildcat 17 pages e_101_876 2018-09-27
27 apw:12351084 Fight for justice, illegal harsh and excessive sentance and fatally defective... Prince 5 pages e_101_452 2018-03-16
28 apw:12349602 Fill in the blank Roberts, W.E. 5 pages e_101_505 2018-03-15
29 apw:12353126 For as long as I could remember, life has always provided me with not just... Scott, Jovon 3 pages e_101_748 2018-09-26
30 apw:12353588 Forced competition Jills, Jacob 9 pages e_101_802 2018-09-26
31 apw:12353202 From experience I've come to realize Jackson, Cedric D. 4 pages e_101_714 2018-09-26
32 apw:12352258 Going home: A queer oddyssey Oguntodu, Joseph 5 pages e_101_593 2018-06-15
33 apw:12350578 Good time credits and disciplinary procedure Gardner, Jeffery Jason 9 pages e_101_235 2018-03-16
34 apw:12349627 Hello, a little about me! Ardit 4 pages e_101_251 2018-03-15
35 apw:12349746 Hope: More important than food, water & air Clardy, MarQui, Sr. 4 pages e_101_450 2018-03-15
36 apw:12353154 How I lost my rights Richter, Robert 4 pages e_101_809 2018-09-26
37 apw:12350809 Human nature Big Tres 11 pages e_101_384 2018-03-16
38 apw:12354113 Hunger games, prepare! Jills, Jacob 18 pages e_101_843 2018-09-27
39 apw:12353440 I am KY DOC Inmate ##### George Luna, currently serving a life w/o parole... Luna, George A. 6 pages e_101_878 2018-09-26
40 apw:12353277 I am a 32 year old McMurphy, Silas 4 pages e_101_800 2018-09-26