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No. PID Title Author Length IDs Ingested
41 apw:12351146 Dear Mr. Unwilling and Reluctant Witness Nixon, Kenneth Fitzgerald 3 pages e_101_514 2018-03-16
42 apw:12351007 Death and the administration Carter, Jerome Major 30 pages e_101_227 2018-03-16
43 apw:12350531 Dehabilitation Richter, Robert 6 pages e_101_225 2018-03-16
44 apw:12350234 Directed towards the Medical, Programing and Parole Board Kamrowski, Kenneth R. 4 pages e_100_933 2018-03-16
45 apw:12350387 Discarded minds: The psychological effects of long term solitary confinement Mukuria, Kamau 3 pages e_101_106 2018-03-16
46 apw:12350421 Economic slavery Campbell, Jesse, III 14 pages e_101_152 2018-03-16
47 apw:12350195 Economics of mass incarceration Ripley, Antonio L. 14 pages e_100_591 2018-03-16
48 apw:12350550 Education & recidivism Ridley, Christopher D. 14 pages e_101_228 2018-03-16
49 apw:12351169 Egyptian days for one gallimaufry enterprise Magnitic, Roc 5 pages e_101_525 2018-03-16
50 apw:12349887 Enjoy your spoiled salad Bell, Shane 2 pages e_101_469 2018-03-15
51 apw:12349766 Essay of retaliation by FDC staff for speaking out Hempstead, Harold 6 pages e_101_401 2018-03-15
52 apw:12349782 Essay on Bledsoe County correctional complex (BCCX) in the Tennesse Department... Hempstead, Harold 4 pages e_101_404 2018-03-15
53 apw:12349711 Essay on how Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) staff are allowing gang... Hempstead, Harold 4 pages e_101_436 2018-03-15
54 apw:12349706 Essay on how Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) staff are placing... Hempstead, Harold 4 pages e_101_435 2018-03-15
55 apw:12350868 Essay on how many convicted killers I've received as cellmates out of... Hempstead, Harold 4 pages e_101_415 2018-03-16
56 apw:12349763 Essay on inmates with contagious diseases, etc. working in FDC chowhalls... Hempstead, Harold 2 pages e_101_400 2018-03-15
57 apw:12350440 Essay on poor food served at the South Dakota State Penitentiary and its effects Bell, Shane 4 pages e_101_155 2018-03-16
58 apw:12349821 Essay on the FDC inmate risk management system/sexual risk indicator Hempstead, Harold 4 pages e_101_414 2018-03-15
59 apw:12349787 Essay on the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) pattern and practice of... Hempstead, Harold 4 pages e_101_405 2018-03-15
60 apw:12350893 Essay on the injustice of the justice system Apodaca, Victor Andrew, Sr. 7 pages e_101_425 2018-03-16