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No. PID Title Author Length IDs Ingested
61 apw:12350483 I am a Vietnam era military vet Rogers, James Eldon 7 pages e_101_173 2018-03-16
62 apw:12349569 I am a slavery abolitionist Swift Justice 8 pages e_101_480 2018-03-15
63 apw:12356000 I am an incarcerated person Roundtree, Terrence Anthony 4 pages e_102_326 2019-05-28
64 apw:12352098 I am currently a North Carolina state prisoner Green, Robbie Switzer 13 pages e_101_579 2018-06-15
65 apw:12356432 I am currently residing in the Arizona Department of Corrections Franc, Les B. 5 pages e_102_275 2019-05-24
66 apw:12350315 I am despised in our communities Apodaca, Victor Andrew, Sr. 16 pages e_101_069 2018-03-16
67 apw:12356202 I am going to tell you Turner, Mica 3 pages e_102_085 2019-05-28
68 apw:12351110 I often wonder how differently Ingram, Shariff 8 pages e_101_510 2018-03-16
69 apw:12356370 I wake up different hours Hayes, Jamil 3 pages e_102_342 2019-05-28
70 apw:12356222 I want to call your attention Bogomolova, Anastasia 3 pages e_102_104 2019-05-28
71 apw:12356117 I want to make it clear that I strongly oppose this department of in-justice... Grissom, Reginald 2 pages e_102_157 2019-05-23
72 apw:12356374 I was remanded to high security Morrison, Arthur R. 3 pages e_102_343 2019-05-28
73 apw:12354064 I wish to show you Reese, Michael John 14 pages e_101_840 2018-09-27
74 apw:12355346 I would like to write Ardie, Danyelle Eugene 12 pages e_101_934 2019-01-21
75 apw:12354945 I write under the pen name Novinger, Lee 4 pages e_102_020 2019-01-16
76 apw:12349716 I'm a forty-four year old prisoner Brandon, Danny 9 pages e_101_440 2018-03-15
77 apw:12346741 I'm locked in this cage for defending Hughes, Chris 6 pages NC-HughesChris-004 2017-08-15
78 apw:12350456 I've written in past Santos, Angel 20 pages e_101_166 2018-03-16
79 apw:12356609 I, for the most part Disiere, Brett M. 7 pages e_102_331 2019-05-24
80 apw:12356488 Idaho state department of corrections Mancuso, James Patrick 6 pages e_102_105 2019-05-24