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101 apw:12348196 The strip searches were not applied James, John 1 page e_100_913 2017-11-02
102 apw:12342303 The things that I'm going to. . . Gordon, Dwight, Jr. 8 pages TN-GordonDwight-001 2016-06-19
103 apw:12346949 The topic of this essay concerns the judicial, government and the correctional... Little Mike 3 pages NH-MikeLittle-003 2017-08-15
104 apw:12342694 The total cost of providing Kemp-Horton 2 pages AZ-KempHorton-001 2016-10-14
105 apw:12347916 The wraith Terhune, Cameron 4 pages e_100_830 2017-11-02
106 apw:12348149 Through my many years of travel Middleton, Gregory 2 pages e_100_896 2017-11-02
107 apw:12343408 To determine how people will behave once they enter prison, it is of first... Hamilton, Lacino 3 pages MI-HamiltonLacino-006 2016-10-17
108 apw:12348105 Today is the down day Casey, Freddie (Eugene) 12 pages e_100_883 2017-11-02
109 apw:12343412 Too much recidivism, too little treatment Hamilton, Lacino 4 pages MI-HamiltonLacino-010 2016-10-17
110 apw:12347921 Video games in prison? Steadfast 2 pages e_100_845 2017-11-02
111 apw:12343637 Wake up! Owens, Dexter 7 pages NV-OwensDexter-001 2016-10-18
112 apw:12343569 What if I told you Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist) 7 pages NC-WorleyJrWillieIntel-042 2016-10-18
113 apw:12343420 What is justice? Hamilton, Lacino 4 pages MI-HamiltonLacino-012 2016-10-17
114 apw:12346831 What it means to be a servant of the people Worley, Willie, Jr. 18 pages NC-WorleyWillie-017 2017-08-15
115 apw:12343548 Writing on prisons Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist) 5 pages NC-WorleyJrWillieIntel-039 2016-10-18
116 apw:12344019 Your degree of understanding you receive from this essay will be equal to your... Douglas, Lamont-O'shea 7 pages VA-DouglasLamontOshea-001 2016-10-19