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121 apw:12360102 The permeable insight into what it's like to be a state prisoner in... Carter, Harold Sanford, III 12 pages e_103_294 2020-12-02
122 apw:12360195 The power of words: How lockdown and empathy can intersect Williams, Dortell 3 pages e_103_384 2020-12-02
123 apw:12359908 The saga of the case Pepke, Eric 1 page e_102_320 2020-12-02
124 apw:12359941 The struggle Kuhn-Brown, Erin 2 pages e_103_004 2020-12-02
125 apw:12360393 The time frame, save for a few past reference dates Gentry, Timothy L. 5 pages e_103_582 2020-12-02
126 apw:12359982 The unpromised privileges of the penitential afterlife Vian, Jack 10 pages e_103_010 2020-12-02
127 apw:12358801 The world always seemed so small to me Smith, George KL 12 pages e_102_748 2020-06-18
128 apw:12360432 The wrath of COVID Nineteen Potts, Tyrus C. 1 page e_103_611 2020-12-02
129 apw:12360083 This narrative concerns conditions within the Texas criminal justice system Young, David L. 15 pages e_103_033 2020-12-02
130 apw:12360423 Thoughtful hearts Taylor, Shariff 2 pages e_103_608 2020-12-02
131 apw:12360440 To mask or not to mask Hargrove, Jaymes G. 1 page e_103_619 2020-12-02
132 apw:12360419 To whom it may concern my name is Monte Rashad Gentry Gentry, Monte R. 3 pages e_103_606 2020-12-02
133 apw:12359272 To whom it may/does concern Pylacopa, E. Z., I 4 pages e_102_867 2020-06-18
134 apw:12359931 Today, this 11/19/2019 day Borden, Chavelo 1 page e_103_001 2020-12-02
135 apw:12358758 Truth or the 'trilogy'? Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim 2 pages e_102_733 2020-06-18
136 apw:12360448 Update on COVID 19 at California Mens Colony West, Aug. 1, 2020 Moore, Stan 4 pages e_103_629 2020-12-02
137 apw:12360167 Violation of 14th Wilder, George 4 pages e_103_308 2020-12-02
138 apw:12359608 We are all / we all are? (incomplete flowers/maps) Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim 1 page e_102_932 2020-06-18
139 apw:12360406 Well as I wake up every day in prison Righteousness 1 page e_103_587 2020-12-02
140 apw:12360382 What CDCR is doing about COVID-19 and what it should do Moore, Stan 2 pages e_103_545 2020-12-02