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181 apw:12350684 The reality of reality... King Coe tha Great 2 pages e_101_357 2018-03-16
182 apw:12350310 The stress of limitations on rehabilitation Avila, Cesar Alfonso 4 pages e_101_058 2018-03-16
183 apw:12350501 The true meaning of merry Christmas Brown, Johnny Mack, Jr. 3 pages e_101_208 2018-03-16
184 apw:12351150 The violent crime control and law enforcement act, truth-in-sentencing... Rowe, Uhuru Baraka 7 pages e_101_515 2018-03-16
185 apw:12350611 This is the story of how I both helped and failed a friend Bellamy, Brian Timothy 4 pages e_101_309 2018-03-16
186 apw:12349682 Through my eyes: The shake down Key, Kenneth M. 5 pages e_101_429 2018-03-15
187 apw:12350793 Treatise on science and comparative religious manipulation and mathematical... Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr. 15 pages e_101_383 2018-03-16
188 apw:12350454 Truth Brown, Leon, IV 1 page e_101_165 2018-03-16
189 apw:12349726 Up, downs, all arounds, pick yourself up, to fall back down: The never ending... Goraj, Joseph Andrew 3 pages e_101_441 2018-03-15
190 apw:12350241 Violence: Gangs and the hustle game Curtis, Denton Brantley 13 pages e_101_044 2018-03-16
191 apw:12351058 Vision of a better way to operate Flashlight 20 pages e_101_394 2018-03-16
192 apw:12350847 Washington state bar association glaring deficiencies Rupert, Bob G. 4 pages e_101_391 2018-03-16
193 apw:12350697 Wed as an incarcerated man Justice 1 page e_101_362 2018-03-16
194 apw:12349531 Whos devusional about whether Im innocent or guilty? Prince 6 pages e_101_540 2018-03-15
195 apw:12349773 With my life and what I put out Prince 6 pages e_101_402 2018-03-15
196 apw:12351090 Years ago, Dr. Cornell West said Murray, Gregory L. 2 pages e_101_461 2018-03-16