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No. PID Title Author Length IDs Ingested
1 apw:12350715 A sporting chance Harper, Bednago 3 pages e_101_371 2018-03-16
2 apw:12350599 A supreme manifestation of wisdom Maakneru, Bey Z.K. 11 pages e_101_308 2018-03-16
3 apw:12350512 A tour of prison incarcerational life Crawford, Monte A. 10 pages e_101_222 2018-03-16
4 apw:12350772 A.D.C. The beast Hagen, Daniel Thomas 9 pages e_101_380 2018-03-16
5 apw:12351675 Abruptly transferred from Buckingham Correctional Center to Sussex 2 State... Rowe, Uhuru B. 3 pages e_101_081 2018-03-16
6 apw:12349754 Addendum to treatise-thesis on religious manipulation and light speed space... Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr. 4 pages e_101_397 2018-03-15
7 apw:12350719 American prisoner-x Hoslett, Raymond James 15 pages e_101_374 2018-03-16
8 apw:12350901 Amerikan puppet master Brookshire, Levert III (Sékou) 14 pages e_101_426 2018-03-16
9 apw:12349638 An excerpt from my novel "neutral" Harper, Bednago 2 pages e_101_255 2018-03-15
10 apw:12349551 And just us fall Dedekiah 8 pages e_101_475 2018-03-15
11 apw:12350687 Aramark inside the GA. DOC... King Coe tha Great 5 pages e_101_358 2018-03-16
12 apw:12350917 At this writing, I am now into Bracey, Larry 3 pages e_101_427 2018-03-16
13 apw:12350543 Caprecious vindictiveness in the Utah Board of Pardons and parole Miller, R. Henry 6 pages e_101_226 2018-03-16
14 apw:12346459 Cell block society post release master plan protecting legacy 3rd calendar year... Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou) 23 pages AZ-BrookshireLevert-024 2017-08-15
15 apw:12346439 Cell block society post release master plan reincarnation first 30 months post-... Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou) 19 pages AZ-BrookshireLevert-023 2017-08-15
16 apw:12342655 Cell block society post-release master plan: 2nd calendar year post release -... Brookshire, Levert III (Sékou) 25 pages AZ-BrookshireIIILevert-022 2016-10-14
17 apw:12342628 Cell block society post-release master plan: protecting life first 18 months re... Brookshire, Levert III (Sékou) 26 pages AZ-BrookshireIIILevert-021 2016-10-14
18 apw:12346483 Cell block survival - occult decoded Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou) 15 pages AZ-BrookshireLevert-025 2017-08-15
19 apw:12349890 Cell restriction for writing a phone kite in blue ink Bell, Shane 3 pages e_101_470 2018-03-15
20 apw:12350179 Cellmate violence encourage/allowed Noble, Ricardo 5 pages e_100_307 2018-03-16